Services - Individual



In a therapeutic setting focus is on understanding the unique individual. The client and the therapist together explore thoughts, emotions and relationships, as well as map problematic life patterns. The client might want to change his typical way of relating or sense of self-worth. The treatment can be long-term, short-term or just consist of a few counselling sessions.


We also offer psychological assessments, to develop a deeper understanding of an individual´s way of functioning, cognitively and emotionally. Assessment is a collaborative work, where the client’s own questions about himself guide the way to an increased understanding.


Counselling for parents

When parents are concerned about their children's anxiety, fear or anger, or their reactions to a crisis of some kind, we offer guidance in the form of counselling. Counselling provides opportunities to reflect upon the role as a parent and children´s needs in various situations.


When the development of a child does not progress as expected or parents or other significant people surrounding the child need a deeper understanding of the child´s way of functioning, we offer assessment. An assessment can lead to the child reaching an increased understanding of himself, new approaches in how to meet the child´s needs and of course shed light on sometimes overlooked strengths within the child.

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