LEAP – consulting psychology


Strong leadership leads to profitability and effectiveness

Do you want to make a bid for the leadership in your company? Do you have a management team that desires to work more strategically and to cooperate better? Leap AB offers a program based on the Farax 360-degree tool to channel constructive feedback and give an aggregated and powerful description of the leadership in your company. It is the first tool of its kind that presupposes a Scandinavian corporate culture and its view on what constitutes good leadership. The tool has proven good results, has been used in hundreds of leadership development programs and rests on a solid scientific base.

Attach leadership development closer to your organization with a directed coaching

1)   Starts with a substantial, development-oriented assessment
      - Gives input on untapped potential and possible pitfalls

2)   A third party conversation is the starting point of the coaching
      - Input from manager as well as organizational needs are included

3)   A series of coaching sessions based on the goals formulated in the third party conversation

4)   A third party conversation concludes the program
      - Clarifies what has been accomplished
      - Gives framing and depth to the continuous dialogue between participant and manager