Barbara Gamper

certified psychologist, partner Leap AB

I am a licensed psychologist who have immersed myself in both clinical and organizational work. I devoted the first part of my career to therapeutic work with individuals, families and groups, with a special focus on adolescents and parents. I then worked in an international consultancy company, the last four years as a manager and member of the executive team. I have had a comprehensive responsibility for different services such as management team development and development assessment and have also delivered these services internationally, primarily in the Nordics, Russia, Ukraine and the USA.

To be self-employed gives me the opportunity to combine my biggest interests. I have studied personality diagnosis and trauma treatment in depth, as well as different approaches to organization development. I am fascinated by human interaction, factors that create positive and negative spirals. To me it is important and satisfactory that my knowledge and experience come into use and contribute to increased understanding, problem solving and a greater fulfillment.

barbara.gamper@leapcops.se0732 03 82 60
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