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Team development

Smooth and constructive cooperation requires that the team must put the everyday work agenda on hold and concentrate fully on what they are to achieve together and how to design the collaboration. This goes equally for new teams wanting to find comfortable and efficient forms, experienced teams seeking revitalization and teams troubled by conflicts or deadlocks. Our work with teams aims to reach lasting effects in cooperation and productivity. We always help to ensure that essential and clear goals, structures, routines and member roles are formulated.

Assessing the teamwork and designing relevant roles and structures are important issues, but there are more aspects to working together. In our workshops, we add parts that address informal and spontaneous processes between the team members: different expectations; the feedback culture; particular bones of contention or unexplored conflicts; effects of the surrounding organization. We have experience from many different kinds of work teams. Lately, we have worked especially with management teams, adapting our methods to the fact that they usually spend little time together and that the members have to juggle several team memberships that may compete for attention and loyalty.

We recommend a format of 1 ½ day workshop with a ½–1 day follow-up session in 3-4 months time.

Continuous Consultation

Sometimes it suits the purpose of the teams or the conditions they work under to establish a continuous development process, fusing discussions on cooperation with operational concerns. In that case, a series of shorter sessions is the preferred arrangement. This kind of consultative supervision can be varied according to needs: process-focused consultation tracking the development of the team; case consultation looking at specific issues of current interest to the team; or educational consultation where we work on predetermined themes to ensure that common tasks and problems are perceived and handled constructively.


Individual support or coaching can be the reason for contact or a logical consequence of other developmental interventions. We offer coaching, designed to increase your personal repertoire and polish your leader or professional skills. Developing conversations start from a professional challenge or dilemma but will often include other aspects of life. We also offer support in particular situations or concerning specific problems. Maybe you are getting ready to take on a bigger responsibility, or hesitating whether you are in the right place or wondering if you have ended up in a professional dead-end. You may also feel confused and torn between different demands in your professional role as well as other life roles.

Together we choose the best setup to meet your needs – a shorter or longer series of sessions, a more narrow or broader focus, more or less structure. When you and your closest superior have discussed the desired outcomes of the coaching together, our experience has shown that it is a good idea to start with a three-parties meeting where we together discuss the goals and how to follow up on them. Apart from these meetings it is important that you feel free talk about whatever feels most urgent and that your work in the coaching is protected. If your employer feels no need to take part of the coaching we will only work with what you bring.



Vi gör fördjupade personbedömningar för att med träffsäkerhet kunna beskriva både styrkor och risker, där vi inte stannar vid det omedelbart observerbara eller det personen själv berättar om. I samband med urval till strategiskt viktiga positioner har personbedömning en självklar plats i processen. En misslyckad rekrytering leder till stora kostnader och mänskligt lidande och för att öka möjligheterna att en rekrytering ska slå väl ut görs en bedömning av matchningen mellan individens resurser och erfarenhet och kraven på rollen. När det gäller urvalsbedömningar tittar vi på individen med organisationens ögon. Ju mer vi vet om organisationskultur och aktuella utmaningar, desto mer användbar blir vår bedömning. Vi är vana att arbeta snabbt utan att minska på noggrannhet och kvalitet och kan därför ge dig den information du behöver i tid.

Even though the needs of the organization are the guide of the selection assessment we aim to make the process meaningful for the participant. We presuppose the curiosity and wish to get to know oneself and give a transparent and developing feedback.


The purpose of assessments is to increase the possibilities for individuals and organizations to succeed – to have the right people in the right places. It is also an exclusive opportunity for learning – discussing your professional self with a development-oriented psychologist increase reflection and self-awareness and can be the starting signal for a personal journey of change. We strive to do specific and in-depth descriptions rather than reducing the individual to a point in a diagram or comparing him or her with others. We want the assessment to be informative and developing for both participants and organizations.

To make the assessment process as optimal for learning as possible we recommend that it entails several steps. In addition to the testing and separate feedbacks to participant and organization we have found it favourable to do three-party follow-ups where participant, manager and consultant discuss the results of the assessment. When development is the specific goal of the assessment we recommend a series of coaching meetings where the participant and consultant are able to deepen relevant themes.

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